Tips for pregnant mothers to stay cool in hot weather

hormone change naturally makes your body temperature higher during pregnancy.

Tips for pregnant mothers to stay cool in hot weather

Hot weather can be a challenge for expectant mothers as body temperature is naturally higher during pregnancy. This increase in temperature is caused by hormonal change, increased blood flow and warmth of the baby.

This is all a normal part of pregnancy, and leads to more comfort than health problems. General Practitioner Ross Perry and MedicalDirector Cosmetic sUK, suggested a few things to keep cool.

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1. Stay hydrated

According to Ross, pregnant women should drink at least eight glasses a day. When traveling, always bring a drink to stay hydrated. Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink, but drink often.

2. Stay away from the sun

Some pregnant women have more sensitive skin, so they need to be extra careful when they are outside. Use sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid skin problems such as melasma.

3. Dra go klere

Wearing loose clothing will help you stay cool during hot weather during pregnancy. Choose cotton or linen instead of synthetic materials that do not absorb sweat. Shorts while sleeping at night can be a comfortable option.

4. Douche

A spray bottle can be an instant refresher during the day when a pregnant woman’s face starts to feel hot or red. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray it on your face and body to cool down.

5. Stomach compress

Compressing the stomach with a cold flannel is an effective way to cool the body quickly. You can also place it on your forehead or over your eyes to relieve headaches or eye strain.

6. Cold snacks

Cold snacks such as ice cream, yogurt and frozen fruit can be enjoyed to cool off during hot weather. In addition to lowering the temperature, other healthy frozen snacks will two energy levels hold high.

7. Avoid spicy food

If it’s hot, avoid spicy food. Instead, eat “cool” foods such as salads, vegetables or fruits with a high water content such as watermelon or cucumber. This will have a powerful cooling effect.

8. Cool feet

Cooling the feet also makes the whole body cold. Fill a basin with cold water, then soak your feet while doing various recreational activities such as reading a book or watching TV.

9. Breathe regularly

Relaxed, steady breathing calms and releases body heat. When it starts to feel hot, focus on your breathing and start a pattern breathing which is good, off the page quotes Good On.

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