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These are 4 effects of too much sugar consumption on the skin! Can cause acne!

When sugar is consumed over a long period of time and in large amounts, it can be harmful to health. Several studies have shown that sugar can leave residues in the bloodstream that can cause various skin conditions like acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. Sugar can also accelerate a person’s aging process. Next up is the impact of sugar on skin health.

Activatedit glycation process

Simply put, sugar produces glycation on the Dermstore side, and glycation is one of the factors that causes skin aging. Glycation occurs when sugar fuses with other molecules in the body.

This can cause cells in the body to stop working as they should. So the cellsthe to up close Impede premature aging can not work right.

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oily skin

Another skin problem or condition that can occur as a result of consuming too much is oily skin. High-glycemic foods can cause blood sugar to spike and oil production to increase.

When the natural oil production in the skin increases, this oil can cause other skin conditions due to clogged pores. Conditions that can appear are acne and pimples

Damages collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are important proteins in the skin that are responsible for thisare, maintenance, Tightness and skin elasticity. Consuming excess sugar can increase the growth of collagen and elastin production.

As Eminence Organics reports, sugar cane in his glycation process collagen and elastin dry and They are losing their ability to keep the skin taut and elastic. Socan the appearance of dry skin, the appearance of fine lines and sagging can be the result of excessive sugar consumption.

Deactivates antioxidant enzymes

Natural antioxidants in the body can also be reduced or even disabled by excessive sugar consumption .

Without antioxidants, skin naturally becomes more vulnerable to free radicals that can damage skin health. Skin can be exposed to free radicals from pollution and UV rays that are outside the skin. In addition, free radicals can also be a trigger for the onset of stress or oxidative stress, which causes premature skin aging.

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