The importance of spiritual preparation for mothers-to-be

Every December 22 is celebrated as a dayMother. Mother is a person who plays an important role in the development of a person. Because through the mother a child can be born into the world.

The importance of spiritual preparation for mothers-to-be

There are many preparations a mother must make to give birth kind. Not just physically, but also psychologist. Additionally, according to Glade B. Curtis, MD, OB/GYN in her book titled Pregnancy Week by Week, the pregnancy process not just for 9 months. Even mothers will experience changes for at least 12 months. This happens because the mother’s physique will continue to adapt, even until the baby is born. Of course, this must be balanced with good mental preparation. For this reason, here is a preparation for pregnancy for women who want to become a mother.

1. Know the role of parents

Before you become a parent, you must know what the role and meaning of parents is. To explore this, you can have a conversation with your partner or even your parents about parenting styles practiced in the family. That way, you can choose a parenting style that you think is good for your child in the future. This discussion about the role of parents can also explore the personality of each partner regarding readiness to become parents.

2. Strengthens the inner bond between husband and wife

in the early months postpartum which if severe will cause postpartum depression. Thus, by bringing a strong inner bond closer, it is hoped that this can reduce emotional problems in mothers.

3. Maintain mental condition

The world of marriage to becoming parents will greatly change your life and that of your partner. Also, as mentioned before, pregnancy will make you emotional maak ma varies due to hormonal change. This condition needs to be realized by you and your partner so that both of them are able to seek efforts to maintain each other’s mental state to remain healthy and stable. So that both of them are able to reduce misunderstandings and emotional play for a moment due to a certain period, namely pregnancy. In addition, both partners should continue to think positively in dealing with the emotions of each partner.

4. Make a life plan

After you are pregnant, have a conversation with your partner about the future life plans. For example, by determining nicknames for you and your partner for children, or determining what needs the children have. This planning will strengthen the relationship between you and the baby. It is also necessary to discuss things that become priorities when the child is born. So that your partner does not feel neglected, and can divide the task of taking care of children properly. That way, your partner will feel like they played an important role in caring for your little one from birth to adulthood.

5. Prepare yourself

By becoming a mother, you will have a new role for breastfeeding, caring for and taking care of children, and raising children. Even though you haven’t had a role as a wife for a long time, you also have to take care of your husband. You can learn from this role from family, friends, acquaintances, to experts who are trusted to provide information about the family. This learning is important so that your partner does not feel neglected because you are too focused on caring for the baby. So you need to spend special time with your partner to maintain the harmony of husband and wife.

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