The Importance Of Maintaining Emotional Health When Pregnant Women And After Birth

Often mothers experience difficult emotions during pregnancy, or after the birth of a child. It is normal for mothers to have negative thoughts, shame, doubt or anxiety. This can be caused by worry about the birth process, lack of sleep, or worry about how the mother is as a parent.

The Importance Of Maintaining Emotional Health When Pregnant Women And After Birth

Emotional Health is a state of health, well-being and contentment. When a mother has emotional health during pregnancy, she will be more active, able to cope with stress, have goals, maintain relationships and enjoy life. Maintaining emotional health has benefits for both mother and baby. Good emotional health also helps maintain positive relationships with older children and the rest of the family. They can help support you and your partner through the challenges of adjusting to a new baby.

When the mother is pregnant, the baby in her womb will also be confronted with all the events that the mother experienced. This includes the sounds in the environment, the air you breathe, the food you eat and the emotions you feel.

When mom is happy and calm, it is possible for your baby to thrive in a happy and calm environment. However, emotions such as stress and anxiety can increase certain hormones in the mother’s body, which can affect the development of the baby’s body and brain.

From birth, the interactions a mother has with her baby help shape the way she thinks, feels and behaves later in life. This interaction also helps form an important emotional bond between mother and child. This is why maintaining emotional health in mothers is very important.

Pregnancy can bring a wide range of emotions. At a time when a mother hits rock bottom, it is important to find a way back to a good emotional state. If you’re having trouble finding happiness in your pregnancy, it’s important to talk to people who support your life, as well as a doctor or psychologist. They can help mothers find the resources they need to feel more positive. By focusing on self-care and physical comfort measures, mothers can feel happy again during pregnancy.

Learn 6 ways to maintain the mental health of pregnant women

Mental health is an aspect of life that should be maintained as best as possible, especially for pregnant women. The reason is, the psychological state of pregnant women can influence the process of fetal growth and development in the womb. So, how to maintain the mental health of pregnant women?

One way is to eat healthy and balanced nutritious food. By regularly eating healthy food, pregnant women can avoid bouts of diseases that can affect mood

Let’s get to know the complete tips for maintaining mental health in pregnant women through the reviews below.

The importance of maintaining the mental health of pregnant women

Pregnancy is a big change for the mother. Not only physically, pregnant women also often experience emotional changes and mental states that can affect physical health. The reason for this is that pregnant women who experience mental disorders tend to be negligent in taking care of themselves. In fact, these conditions also have an impact on the process of growth and development of the fetus in the womb.

Mental disorders in pregnant women not only affect health during pregnancy, but can also have an impact on postpartum conditions. Therefore, maintaining mental health during pregnancy is something every pregnant woman should do to avoid long-term stress and depression.

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How to maintain the mental health of pregnant women

The mental health of pregnant women can be maintained in several ways, such as adequate rest, regular exercise, eating healthy food and keeping a daily journal. The following is an explanation of each.

1. Get enough rest

Adequate rest is something that should be done in an effort to maintain mental health in pregnant women. The reason is that a lack of sleep can cause the body to tire easily, which can increase the risk of stress.

Lack of sleep in pregnant women is usually caused by physical changes in the body that make sleep uncomfortable. This can also be overcome by paying attention to the correct sleeping position for pregnant women, such as tilting the body to the left. That way, mothers can get quality sleep.

You can also make your body more relaxed by adjusting breathing techniques and stretching before you go to sleep.

2. Light Exercise Routine

Regular exercise also includes tips on maintaining the mental health of the next pregnant woman. Regular exercise can release endorphins and serotonin hormone increase which regulates mood. As a result, an increase in these hormones can cause feelings of happiness and prevent stress during pregnancy.

To do this, choose sports and physical activities that are safe for pregnant women, such as swimming,pregnancy exercises, and right of loop.

3. Eat healthy food with balanced nutrition

To maintain mental health, it is important for pregnant women to always have adequate daily nutritional intake. This can be done by eating healthy and balanced nutrition. N number of types of healthy food with balanced nutrition which are good for consumption by pregnant women include sea fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Also make sure that you are always in your body fluid needs supplied during pregnancy by drinking about two liters of water a day. In this way, you will avoid the risk of dehydration which can disturb your mood.

4. Build Closeness with the Fetus

Building closeness with the fetus is also necessary to do as an effort to maintain the mental health of pregnant women. Try to communicate with the fetus, especially when the pregnancy enters the second trimester.

Besides being good for fetal development, it can also build positive energy and thoughts for pregnant women and prevent this from happening postnatal baby blues syndrome.

5. Appreciate yourself

Paying attention to your own happiness is something that must be done to maintain a mother’s mental health during pregnancy. You can show appreciation by taking the time and enjoying yourself,like watching your favorite movie, reading a book, or going on vacation.

6. Make aday Journal

Keeping a daily journal can be done by pregnant women as an effort to maintain mental health. Write down things that also cause feelings of happiness, sadness, worry and anger in the journal. This is done so that you can get to know your own needs and desires better.

In addition to keeping a daily journal, try to be more open with your spouse or close family. In this way, you will get full support that has a positive impact on your mental health during pregnancy.

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