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The benefits of cinnamon for health and beauty

Getting great skin and hair doesn’t require going to the salon and having expensive treatments. With herbs, all women can achieve their beauty naturally. One option is to use cinnamon. This aromatic spice with a sweet and spicy taste does not always succeed in the diet process, but it can serve as an ingredient in skin and hair care.

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Several studies show that the high levels of antioxidants and antifungal substances in cinnamon are the main reason for using this spice as an ingredient in beauty treatments.

Here are some ways to take advantage of it:

1. Natural hair dye

The color that cinnamon gives to hair is red. The color, which is currently in fashion among young people, can be obtained by mixing cinnamon powder with hair conditioner or shampoo. Another option is to apply cinnamon powder to the scalp and hair, then leave on for about 6-8 hours and rinse thoroughly.

2. In case of peeling

As an exfoliator, cinnamon can make your skin glow and look healthy. Use a small amount of Epsom salt and mix with cinnamon powder, apply to the face then rinse. Use this cinnamon scrub regularly to remove dead skin cells.

3. As a basis

Cinnamon can also be a sweetener. Take cinnamon powder, mix it with the foundation and apply it on the face. With the help of this spice, you can create a glamorous and sparkling facial mask.

4. Natural lip balm

Cinnamon lip balm may seem strange. However, for those of you who have dry and chapped lips, this herb is very helpful. The application is simple, you can mix cinnamon powder with coconut oil. Then apply the mixture to the surface of the lips.

5. Acne medications

Cinnamon can treat acne as it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Mix cinnamon powder with honey and apply it on your face. Wait a while then rinse with cold water. Do it twice a day for maximum results.

Here are the skin care benefits and recipes Now take care of your beautiful skin with cinnamon.

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