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Natural Beauty Tips Inside Out

Tips for beautiful natural can be done easily with daily basic facial care followed by a healthy lifestyle. For example, by regularly washing your face with a sunscreen until you get enough sleep. Keep in mind that beautiful tips naturally come not only from physical appearance, but also from a healthy lifestyle influence inner beauty. Dermatologists even say that in order to look naturally beautiful, you don’t have to wear several expensive skin care or skin care products.

So you just need to apply basic facial care and also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Because,to be beautiful and attractive without using skin care products with beauty products is to treat the skin well. That’s why VIVA offers natural beauty secrets that you can do at home without having to spend money on maintenance. Launching the WebMD page, there are several things that can be done as one of the beautiful natural tips that can be done at home.

Natural beauty tips

Wash your face correctly

One of the tips to look beautiful and attractive is to wash your face properly. Because without a clean face, the skin does not become attractive and dull. Washing your face properly is meant to cleanse the facial skin from the rest of the makeup, oil and dirt that sticks to the face. If you have used make-up before, first clean off the make-up with a special liquid. Because this is usually not completely removed by washing your face.

Only after that start washing your face and rinse with warm water. Then pour a mild facial cleansing soap into your hands. Apply the soap to your face while gently massaging it to remove oil and dirt. Then rinse with warm water and dry your face with a towel. Remember, do not rub the face roughly as this can irritate the skin.

Drink a lot of water

Water can maintain a healthy body and make skin look clear and radiant. Because white water contains oxygen that the skin needs. Because dehydration or lack of moisture will make the skin look drier and even wrinkled. Therefore, drink water to prevent premature aging. Try a daytime drink of water no less than 8 to 10 degrees and do not force yourself to drink liters of water.

Water is also beneficial for improving kidney health. Because if there is enough body fluid, the urine will flow a lot, not stink and be yellow. If there are not enough body fluids, the urine will be more concentrated, dark yellow in color, and foul-smelling because the kidneys have to take in extra fluid to perform their functions.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic drinks can damage cells in the skin because they dehydrate the body. Drinking alcohol, for example 1 to 2 glasses a day, can also damage the liver which plays a role in removing toxins from the body. Consuming alcohol will cause the poison to mix in the blood as it cannot be removed. This will make your skin look dull, acne prone and unhealthy.


There are many benefits to exercise, including natural beauty tips. Regular exercise can also help you have more energy and stay fit. One study mentions that exercise can help fight and reverse signs of aging, such as aging, thinning skin, wrinkles and baldness. This sport can be done with aerobics, brisk walking, running or cycling.

Don’t pop pimples

If you enjoy squeezing or popping out pimples, stop this habit from now on. The reason is that popping pimples can cause scarring with an infection. In addition, this bad habit will exacerbate inflammation and even increase the risk of acne scars appearing pockmarked. Acne scars and pox, of course, make you even more insecure.

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Don’t wash your hair every day

Many people feel like they haven’t showered if they don’t wash their hair. Washing your hair every day actually washes away the natural oils on your scalp. This oil is necessary to maintain the nutrition and shine of the hair. Therefore, to get beautiful and shiny hair, it is recommended not to wash it every day. It is also not recommended to use a hair straightener or hair dryer every day.

Get enough sleep

The next naturally beautiful tip is to get enough sleep every day. A study states that women who are sleep deprived are more prone to premature aging, reduced eyelids, panda eyes and even faces will feel more puffy. Therefore, it is recommended not to stay up late and have a sleep duration of 7 to 8 hours per day.

Eat healthy food

Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and fats are a naturally beautiful tip that is very easy to do at home. This method is very good for skin health and overall body health. Several studies have also shown that a natural diet by consuming foods low in fat and carbohydrates can be a way to look more beautiful and youthful. In addition, consuming foods that contain vitamin C and vitamin E are also good for maintaining healthy skin.

Do not smoke

Several ways done by you just vanish by smoking. Because this habit can accelerate skin aging, exacerbate skin problems and delay wound healing. In fact, the smoking habit can also make the skin look older, causing wrinkles due to facial movements and inhalation of cigarette smoke. In addition, this habit also narrows the blood vessels in the outer layer of skin.


The last, of course, nice tip is dealing with stress. It should be understood that stress is one of the reasons why a person does not look refreshed and even ages faster. So that the skin looks naturally beautiful, try to take advantage of the time in the morning to meditate and reduce stress. The best time to meditate is in the morning when the air is still fresh. In addition, you can also find out when is the best time to meditate.

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