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Lip care tips to keep them soft and supple

In addition to facial care, you should also care for your lips so that they are always soft and supple. However, lip care should be carried out regularly, it is only possible occasionally. Some people often have dry lips and cracked, because they do not care for the lips systematically.

Therefore, in this review, you must know how to take care of your lips so that they are always soft and supple. Check out this review for soft, supple lips, OK!

1. Always hydrated

One way to keep your lips soft and supple is to keep your body hydrated. Because there’s a study that suggests that drinking an adequate amount of water can help increase skin thickness, including on the lips.

You should also use a lip moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

2. Regular exfoliation

You can then regularly exfoliate or exfoliate your lip skin. The benefit of a lip scrub is that it can remove dead skin cells, leaving your lips softer and smoother-looking.

Even those of you who have chapped lips can exfoliate them regularly to make them go away. However, you should exfoliate slowly and not too vigorously, okay, because our lip skin is very sensitive.

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3. Use a lip mask

We know that as skin becomes more permeable to the substances that penetrate through it, it’s easier to lock in moisture at night so moisture can be properly locked in.

Applying a lip mask at night is one of the best lip treatments as it can offer benefits such as combating dry, chapped, wrinkled and peeling lips.

4. Use lip products

Besides using a lip mask in the evening, you also need to moisturize your lips with the right lip products.

You can layer lip products, for example by applying a water-based moisturizer and then adding an oil-based moisturizer.

5. Avoid peeling lips

Who is happy when the lips are dry and automatically peels off the dead skin on the lips, which is annoying? You know, it’s a habit you can’t keep up. Pulling dry skin on the lips can lead to sores and infection. Simply apply lip balm to your lips and exfoliate until the skin eventually peels off on its own.

6. Don’t do it too lamellar lips

Licking your lips is a bad habit that we are not aware of. When our lips are dry, we accidentally lick them. This actually makes the lips dry, which is caused by the enzymes in the saliva. Bacteria from inside the mouth can also get onto the lips.

Taking care of your lips is just as important as taking care of any other part of your body. Therefore, you need to carefully care for your lips on a regular basis. You can use all the tips to make your lips soft and smooth!

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