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Let’s Check the Calories of Eid Food and Pastries

I can’t believe we have entered the last week of Ramadan. Soon we will meet the special food of this Eid al-Fitr!

Starting from a variety of pastries to a typical Eid food menu, you can usually find them at home. Don’t be surprised if you go crazy eating everything on Eid day. However, this is not recommended because:

The body is still adapting to its original eating time after fasting for a full month
Eid food and pastries are actually high in calories, you know! Of course it’s not possible to just taste one fruit nastar cake, right? Though the calories of one nastar fruit is about 75 calories. Not to mention the other pastries. Maybe after Lebaran your weight will even increase
Can cause indigestion

Avoid consuming the above foods continuously and in large portions during Eid because you must still pay attention to the portion sizes according to the calorie needs of each of us. Don’t forget to keep consuming vegetables and fruit, drink lots of water, avoid sugary drinks like syrup and keep exercising.

If you have health problems during Eid, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. You can make an appointment to see a doctor in person or a virtual consultation via video call for various health problems using Okadoc, you know.

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