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high protein foods can make the face glow

The scorching daytime heat of the past few days can also pose other health risks, especially to the skin, which can cause fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging to appear.

In addition to routine facials, eating protein-rich foods can also have an anti-aging effect and make skin look healthy. You should know that proteins are very necessary forhealth.Skin in order to maintain elasticity to keep facial skin smooth and shiny.

Why is protein important for the skin? Generally, the collagen protein is most often found around 75 to 80% on the skin. Collagen and elastin proteins help fight fine lines and wrinkles. However, due to environmental factors, the body’s ability to produce collagen may decrease over time.

Elastin is another type of protein found in collagen. If elastin levels are low, it can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition, there is also keratin, which is the main type of protein in the skin.

Published by The Health Site Wednesday (8/4), scientists have discovered a new protein that can keep skin healthy and reduce the signs of aging. This protein is called the hemidesmosome component of collagen XVII. This protein helps replace damaged skin cells with healthy cells to prevent wrinkles, dry skin and other skin conditions.

Studies have also indicated that this new type of protein treatment, hemidesmosome collagen,won’t work without consuming a protein-rich diet. Basically, your skin needs about 30 grams of protein per day. This way, you will get healthy and glowing skin.

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These are the types of protein-rich foods you should eat to maintain healthy skin.

1. Account

Eggs are a type of protein-rich food. Egg yolks contain collagen which can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, egg whites contain the amino acids needed to make collagen. Therefore, egg consumption is very important for maintaining healthy skin.

2. Know

This ever-easy-to-find food is quite high in protein and low in carbs and cholesterol. Only 100 grams of tofucontains 52 grams of protein. For this, you can consume tofu to increase protein levels in your body.

3. Shots

In addition to containing protein, sprouts also contain vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and fiber. Types of sprouts high in protein are bean sprouts and barley.

4. Roasted seeds

Some roasted grain foods, such as cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, are high in protein, which can boost your daily protein intake.

5. Soldier

Soy milk has the advantage of having virtually no fat content. Protein-rich soymilk is good for heart health because it’s cholesterol-free and high in antioxidants. Of course, soy milk is also good for maintaining healthy skin.

6. Legislation

This relatively larger type of legume is believed to be very good for increasing protein intake. For this reason, certain types of nuts, such as chickpeas, are rich in vitamin C and zinc, which are great for increasing collagen supply.

This is the reason why protein is needed to make facial skin glow. However, never forget to always consume protein-rich foods to maintain the daily protein intake needed by the body.

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