Challenges during the third trimester of pregnancy and how to overcome them

During pregnancy, Mother will experience various challenges and conditions. These challenges and conditions are divided into three phases which are usually grouped into three trimesters.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, your body adjusts hormonal change to prepare and prepare to provide protection to the fetus. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus begins the formation of organs, experiences five senses, and begins to feel stimuli and sensations. Then at the end of the second trimester, the fetus can also move on a regular schedule and usually moves at night.

Like the first and second trimester, even in the third trimester of pregnancy, Mom will also experience different challenges. The following are challenges that are usually experienced when the gestational age enters the third trimester.

Increase in the size of the fetus

Various tips for a healthy pregnancy are very beneficial for Mothers, also for the third trimester. At this stage, the size of the fetus increases so that it presses on the nerves around the uterus. Compared to the previous stages of pregnancy, this stage makes Mom feel more and more real signs of life.

Night is the active time when the fetus will move while it will rest from morning to evening. Mother must therefore be prepared to experience sleep disturbances at night as a result of these movements. Apart from the baby’s movement, the bigger belly will also disturb your sleep. So to fix this, you need to add a pillow under your thighs, especially when you sleep on your side to make it more comfortable. Also try to thenight dresses. What you wear is light and not warm, because at this stage you will usually feel warm in the stomach andbors area. This is what you need to do apart from keeping your mind calm and happy to welcome your baby.

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This increase in the size of the fetus also puts pressure on the mother’s bladder causing problems with urination and the groin area becomes painful. Not only that, Mom’s back will also often hurt, sometimes accompanied by pain in the pelvis hip area. This happens due to the additional weight of the mother’s uterus and body. The weight of the mother’s womb and body will also cause the mother to often experience fatigue.

Preparation for birth

During the eight months or nine months of pregnancy, Mother must prepare herself to welcome her birth. But while you wait, make sure Mom’s condition remains healthy and fit.

Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the choice of a bra. We recommend that you wear a special bra for pregnant women that can support all your enlarged breasts so that you don’t get too tired. In addition to the breasts getting bigger, some people’s milk starts to come out at this stage of the third trimester.

Bleeding sometimes occurs at this stage. The causes can be varied, ranging from a slightly growing placenta previa in the cervix, the placenta detaching from the uterine wall, and possibly more serious problems. Mothers, you must be vigilant because the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is a period were early birth can occur. If there is bleeding, take your mother to the doctor right away, OK?

Light contractions are also common, but there are differences from contractions when the mother is about to give birth. When you go into labor, these contractions can make your face red and out of breath. So, if you experience such contractions, you should immediately contact your doctor to avoid unwanted things.

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