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Benefits of vitamin A to maintain body health

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for the body. Well, you probably already know one of the benefits of vitamin A, right?

It is true that the benefits of vitamin A that most people are familiar with is that it can help maintain eye health. In addition, this nutrient, also known as retinol, has other benefits for the health of the body. Something? Come on, check out the information in the discussion below!

Function of vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vitamin that is important for the health of the body. In general, vitamin A is known to maintain eye health. However, in addition to maintaining eye health, vitamin A also has many functions for the eyeBody.Vitamins, the consumed, can before the body as antioxidants are used, repairing damaged body cells and maintaining reproductive health.

benefits of vitamin A to help maintain body health

Vitamin A is a nutrient that you absorb to get a variety of healthy foods such as fish, milk, eggs, broccoli, etc. Eating foods rich in vitamin A offers you a number of health benefits. 8 benefits of vitamin A for health below it means:

1. Take care of health

The main function of vitamin A, as is well known, is the maintenance of eye health.In theEye Organ Vitamin A is it useful to convert the captured light into a signal that is sent to the brain. In addition, vitamin A also helps protect against cell damage in the eye and reduces the risk of diseases such as night blindness and so on.

2. Maintaining reproductive health

The next use of vitamin A is to maintain reproductive health in both men and women. The Combs because Vitamin A is one of the nutrients necessary for the development of sperm in men and egg cells in women.

3. Help reduce the risk of cancer

 Help reduce the risk of cancer or other chronic diseases to be the next benefit of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a nutrient with antioxidant properties.TheAntioxidant: This Property helps protect the body’s cells from damage from the effects of excess free radicals.

4. Support fetal growth for pregnant women

To maintain the health and developmental process of the fetus, pregnant women should also get enough nutrients, including vitamin A. The retinoate in vitamin A helps to replenish the structure and function of the fetus’ organs.

In addition, vitamin A has been found to boost the immune system of pregnant women and reduce the risk of disease. Pregnant women are advised to consume vitamin A sources from natural foods such as sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, mangoes, etc.

In the meantime, if you want to take vitamin A supplements, the mother should consult a doctor first so that she can maintain the health of her fetus.

5. Strengthens the immune system

Boosting the immune system is another benefit of vitamin A. Vitamin A also strengthens the body’s immune system because it helps optimize white blood cell production and function. Where white blood cells in the body play a role in fighting bacteria and pathogens that transmit disease.

In addition, vitamin A can also stimulate the digestive system so that the absorption of nutrients in the body can take place optimally.

6. Help slow down premature aging

 The next benefit of vitamin A is that it nourishes the skin. As mentioned earlier, vitamin A is aAntioxidant. Therefore, vitamin A, which slows down cell aging, helps keep skin looking healthy and fresh.

While it works, this vitamin A holdsSteplarge creatinine, which has the role of protecting the skin from damage. In addition, vitamin A prevents lung damage and increases its production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness.

retinol, too. Got it in vitamin Appropriate,overcomes acne problems on theHigh.The is pretty serious.

7. Increases red blood cell production

 Increasing the production of red blood cells is also one of the benefits of vitamin A. This is because vitamin A helps metabolize iron, which is an important part of red blood cell production.

Of course, you also need to consume other nutrients to increase red blood cell production, such as iron, folic acid, vitamin C, and others.

8. Helps maintain bone health

 The final function of vitamin A is to maintain bone health.

Because this vitamin A, along with calcium and vitamin D, plays an important role in the process of forming and maintaining healthy bones. Vitamin A has also been shown to aid recovery and reduce the risk of fractures by stimulating bone cells to become and keep their density.

These are some of the body health benefits of vitamin A that you should know about. Remember that vitamin A intake should still be limited to just enough, yes you don’t have to overdo it lest it cause any side effects on your body.

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Source of vitamin A

With so many benefits of vitamin A. So where can we get vitamin A? The following foods are a source of vitamin A:

  • Egg yolks, cheese, butter
  • Salmon
  • Chicken liver
  • Carrots, squash, cabbage, peppers, broccoli
  • Whole milk, yogurt or other dairy products
  • Lebertran
  • Spinach and other leafy green vegetables
  • Sweet Potato
  • All kinds of nuts and seeds
  • Processed tofu and tempeh

Fruits with vitamin A

Vitamin A is generally found in abundance in vegetables. Compared to fruits. However, there are also fruits that can be a source of vitamin A. The following fruits contain vitamin A:

1. Please

Fruitallows rich fiber and antioxidants that are good for the body. This helps the gut control blood sugar so that it is more balanced.Fruit Please: whole contains fruit112 mg Vitamin A.

2. Grapefruit

The content of vitamin A in grapefruit is considered to be the highest compared to others. Regular consumption of grapefruit brings many benefits to the health of the body

3. Papaya

Fruit papaya is widely known as a fruit that contains a lot of dietary fiber. In addition to fiber, it will however fruit Papaya. It also contains vitamin A which is good for the health of the body.

Additional ways to support skin health

Regular intake of vitamin A alone is not enough for maximum health out of the results. The benefits of vitamin A become even more pronounced when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Adequate rest, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water are essential to optimal health and health of the skin for all ages. It is also important to protect the skin from the sun. Keeping the skin free of environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke also keeps the skin vital. The skin type you have should determine the skin care products you use. Not the other way around. For this reason, it is important to know beforehand what skin type you have.

In general, the basic skin care products that all skin types should use are moisturizing cleansers (e.g. facial cleansers used twice a day). Cream in Exfoliates dead skin cells (use 1-2 times a week).

Vitamin A Deficiency

Many people don’t know that vitamin A deficiency is bad for your health. The following is the effect of which consumption deficit Vitamin A:

  • Experiencing health complications
  • Experience a decreased kidney function such as myopia or nearsightedness to blindness
  • Risk of contracting measles and diarrhea
  • Own Risk of anemia affected
  • A lack of vitamin A can be bad for pregnant women, especially those who are pregnant with fetuses it contains

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