Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

During pregnancy, exercise is one of the important things that can help pregnant women maintain a healthy body. Especially if the mother’s gestational age is still in the first trimester. Regular exercise can help mothers reduce morning sickness and can be used as a form of preparation for childbirth. These benefits are not only felt by mothers, but little babies in the womb will also benefit. Here are some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, namely:

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

1. Increases body energy

During pregnancy, pregnant women should still limit their activities so that they do not get too tired. However, pregnant women still need to exercise regularly so that the body remains healthy and energetic at all times. This is because regular exercise can strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce fatigue. Therefore, pregnant women with strong stiff muscles perform various daily activities with increased energy. Exercises performed do not need too heavy movements, pregnant women do light activities such as walking around the area where they live for about 20 minutes 3 times a week.

2. Reduction of discomfort during pregnancy

During pregnancy, daily activities become more difficult due to increased body weight. This weight gain often causes discomfort such as fatigue, back pain, morning sickness, etc. Well, you can reduce this discomfort by exercising regularly. The muscles will regions, which makes the body stronger and better able to withstand the pain of pregnancy. For example, walking can help improve blood circulation, or swimming can strengthen the abdominal muscles. By reducing the discomfort that occurs, the development of the fetus in the womb can be properly maintained.

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3. Facilitate Labor

The course of the delivery process is very dependent on the physical condition of the mother. The better the physical strength of the mother, the stronger the mother’s body will naturally be, and how natural will be the birth. This is one of the main reasons why regular exercise is highly recommended as a form of preparation for labor.

4. Improve Sleep quality

When the size of the stomach increases, it definitely affects daily activities, one of which is when you sleep. These complaints are experienced by many pregnant women because they have to try to find a comfortable sleeping position, both for the mother and the uterus. One of them is by exercising. Exercise for pregnant women is tiring, but it is this feeling of fatigue that will make mothers fall asleep faster and better. Of course, if the quality of sleep increases, the health of the mother and fetus will be maintained before delivery.

5. Optimizing fetal brain development

In addition to increasing stamina, regular exercise is also beneficial for fetal development. If pregnant women exercise regularly, it will have an impact on their little one’s hearing, vision and motor skills so that their future growth will be maximal.

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