Benefits of artificial intelligence for human life

Artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence) is a field of computer science that can do something like what people do, also think according to what people want. the development of artificial intelligence is very important now and in the future

Benefits of artificial intelligence for human life

Technological Developments Currently, almost all are devices computer and advanced electronic devices implement intelligence made to make the system more reliable. In the future, it is estimated that all electronic devices and computers will become much smarter because various artificial intelligence methods are implanted, and the future will be filled with technological advances that people live make it easier

This field has developed very rapidly in the last 20 years along with the need for smart devices operation and household. In the long-term, AI predicts to be able to become a general AI, namely a machine that can approximate human abilities by doing various things such as thinking, communicating in language that humans and machines can understand, reasoning, planning, and so on.

AI is something we cannot avoid in the future. AI has become a part of our daily lives and will continue to do sobe close with olives lion for. One of those main limitations for humans is the body and brain. Researcher ShimonWhite Son thinks that in the future we will be able to augment ourselves with computers and enhance many of our own natural abilities.

The advantage of intelligence is to develop methods and systems to solve a problem, which can also be solved by humans. For example, search for places, businesses, households and can improve the performance of computer-based information systems.

For example, intelligent robots. The intelligent robot can help humans work by using a navigation system. Robots are also used in the health sector, namely to care for the elderly, consult and detect tumors, help perform medical operations, etc. It is estimated that there are 90 startups developing AI in this health industry.

In the economy and finance industry AI helps in many ways such as financial investment, recording finances, buying and selling shares, fraud and criminalization in banks, and others.

In the world of aviation, AI is used to control flight simulations so that pilots can be assisted by providing the best movement information, air condition and pressure information, etc.

In education, robot tutors have been introduced into the classroom to teach children everything from biology to computer science, although this is not widely practiced. Machine learning in AI is used to determine what things need to be improved for each student in the learning process.

In the industrial sector, robots are often found replacing humans, especially in repetitive jobs, such as the existence of automated machines in factories that help with the production process of a product.

Robots can also take on some of the most dangerous jobs for humans, including bomb destruction. According to the BBC, this robot is not just a robot. They are technically drones, used as physical partners to defuse flowers, but need humans to control them rather than AI as they have saved thousands of lives by taking over one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. As technology advances,

Other jobs are also being reconsidered for robot integration. Welding, known for producing toxic substances, intense heat and mesmerizing noise, can now be outsourced to robots in most cases. Robot Worx explained that the robot welder is already in use and has safety features to prevent human workers from smoke and other physical harm.

Besides being used by humans to help with work in daily life and dangerous jobs, robots can also be used as friends that can read human emotions, develop their own emotions, and help their human friends stay happy.

Except that people’s lives can help simplify, AI also has a negative impact on people’s lives. The impact that is felt at this time is the loss of jobs and the transfer of labor economically, everything that uses computers as well as robots. People will be even lazier because they think that there is AI that can solve problems, making them think they don’t have to work hard.

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