Avoid These Foods & Drinks During Breastfeeding

Mother’s milk (ASI) is the best nutrition that you can give to your baby during the age of 0-6 months. For this reason, Mothers must also maximize the nutrients contained in breast milk by consuming healthy and nutritious food and drinks. This is where a mother plays a major role in determining how much nutrition can be fed by the baby through the mother’s breast milk.

If the food and drinks that you eat are healthy, the quality of breast milk for your baby is certainly higher in nutrition. Therefore, you should be selective in choosing food for nursing mothers. This is because the food you eat affects the quality of your breast milk. Here are some foods that you should avoid while breastfeeding.

1. Raw or Undercooked Fish

Eating raw or undercooked fish is one of the foods that breastfeeding mothers should avoid. Although it contains many nutrients, fish also has a lot of risks if eaten raw or undercooked. This type of food is at risk of affecting the baby’s brain development.

If eaten raw or undercooked, this type of food also contains e.coli and salmonella bacteria which can be very detrimental to the health of your baby. Therefore, you should always eat foods that are cooked until cooked during breastfeeding.

2. Very Spicy Food

If you eat very spicy food, your baby will also feel it while breastfeeding. He may become less fond of Mother’s milk. Breast milk that contains a spicy taste can interfere with the baby’s digestion. Try to reduce spicy food while breastfeeding your baby.

3. Coffee

If your little one looks fussy and has trouble sleeping, it could be because he is consuming breast milk that contains caffeine. This may happen if you drink coffee quite often every day. The caffeine in coffee can disrupt your baby’s sleep patterns and make him fussy. Try to reduce the intake of drinking coffee per day during breastfeeding, yes, Bun.

4. Alcoholic Drinks

In addition to coffee, alcoholic beverages are also one of the drinks that should not be consumed. Mothers should avoid alcoholic beverages while still breastfeeding the baby. The alcohol content in breast milk can also interfere with the baby’s sleep patterns. Babies will find it difficult to sleep if they consume breast milk that contains alcohol.

5. Chocolate

Eating chocolate sounds like it will make you feel calmer. In fact, chocolate is one of the foods that should be avoided for breastfeeding mothers. Chocolate can interfere with digestion and baby sleep patterns. Your baby may suddenly become fussy if you eat too much chocolate because it contains high caffeine. High caffeine makes babies can also experience stomachaches and headaches.

6. Orange

Eating too many oranges while breastfeeding can have a negative impact on your baby’s digestion. A baby’s digestive system is still very susceptible to the sour taste of oranges. It’s a good idea for Mother to replace the fruit consumed during breastfeeding considering the digestion of the baby is not yet perfect and strong. Choose fruit that does not contain excess sour taste.

7. Cauliflower or Broccoli

These two types of vegetables contain many of the nutrients that babies and mothers need. However, cauliflower and broccoli are also high in gas. This is what makes it good for mothers to limit the consumption of these two types of vegetables during breastfeeding. The high level of gas content in these two vegetables can make your baby experience abdominal bloating. Babies can also often pass gas to defecate if this is the case.

8. Eggs

Even though they contain a lot of nutrients, eggs also have the potential to trigger allergies in your baby. If your baby tends to be prone to allergies, you should avoid foods that contain eggs during breastfeeding.

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