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A safe diet to lose weight without endangering your health

In short, obesity is caused by too many calories entering the body. While the calories taken out are not comparable to the calories taken in, the calories accumulate and turn into fat. Ultimately, it’s the fat that makes your belly bulge and your thighs and arms grow bigger. In short, obesity is caused by too many calories entering the body. While the calories taken out are not comparable to the calories taken in, the calories accumulate and turn into fat. Ultimately, it’s the fat that makes your belly bulge and your thighs and arms grow bigger.

Even if you really want to achieve the ideal body weight, you should choose a diet that will not put your health at risk. It is not difficult to adopt a healthy and natural diet, because in principle everyone – overweight or not – should follow this diet to prevent various chronic diseases in the future. So, how do you create a healthy and natural diet?

1. Choose the right food, do not skip meals

The first natural way to eat healthily is to choose the foods you eat every day. Yes, choosing the right food intake plays an important role in the success of your diet program. You can follow this healthy diet by avoiding fatty and sugary foods. Foods with a lot of sugar have a high calorific value and are therefore bad for the body. In addition, avoid packaged and fried foods as these foods will only derail your healthy diet.

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Conversely, ifishealthy though and naturalnutrition eat, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, this does not mean that you do not eat rice or side dishes. All these foods are still really necessary for the body, but you need to manage the portions properly.

2. Adjust the portion as needed

After choosing the right foods, the next healthy diet method is to regulate thequantity food. Youmust eat a day according to youcalorie requirement . Of course, this cannot be calculated arbitrarily.

If you are having problems, you can discuss this question with a nutritionist. However, for those of you who are overweight, you are generally allowed to eat up to 1500 calories. To adopt a healthy diet, always remember to balance all the nutrients your body needs in a single meal. You can adapt it to the principles of a balanced diet, namely carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals.

So with a meal you should have main food, animal side dishes, vegetabledishes, eating a bowl of vegetables and some fruit as a distraction. You can apply portions according to the following picture of a balanced diet.

3. Replace sugar with a healthier sweetener

Many people often underestimate this one healthy eating method. In fact, eating healthy by replacing sugar with healthier sweeteners is an effective way to lose weight. How often do you add sugar to your food or drink? Many people do not know how much sugar they consume in a day. Remember that sugar and sugary foods are foods that cause weight gain and are naturally bad for your blood sugar.

From now on, you need to replace the sugar with a sweetener with amake calorie content, but no less sweet than sugar. Now there are plenty of artificial sweeteners that are low in calories, safe for blood sugar levels, and won’t weigh your scale.

4. Make exercise a necessity

It is exerciseeasiest healthy and natural diet for you. Because a healthy, natural diet is not optimal if you don’t exercise. So now make exercise a necessity, not an obligation. Because your body needs to eliminate and burn the calories that enter the body. How can thequantity calories – in the form of fat – are eliminated if not exercised regularly?

Get used to getting regular exercise every day, at least 30 minutes. You can startyou calm 30 minutes walking or jogging in the area of ​​the house.

5. Apply a healthy lifestyle

After implementing several healthyin measurement methods as mentioned above, it would be nice if you also implement a good overall lifestyle. What is a good lifestyle?

You can do this in various ways, such as getting enough sleep and not going to bed late. Next, avoid consuming too much alcohol and don’t smoke. These things will help your healthy, natural diet run smoothly and successfully.

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Healthy and good food choices for daily consumption

In fact, there are many healthy diet foods you can eat. However, some of the diet foods below may be your go-to.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most consumed foods for healthy nutrition. Even oatmeal can be considered healthydiet food that should be on your menu every day.

A 6-year study by researchers at the University of California proved that eating oatmeal as a healthy diet helps you lose weight. This study showed that people who always eat breakfast with oatmeal had a lower body mass index than people who did not eat breakfast at all and a group of people who had breakfast with other menus. This happens because oatmeal is a high fiber food with a low glycemic index. The protein, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1 content of oatmeal also works to produce energy to keep you energized for activities.

Oatmeal has not only been proven to help you lose weight, but it can also help keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels normal. For thebreakfast menu of youdiet program can oatmeal be the right choice.

2. File an appeal

Apples are one of the most popular fruits for dieters. This red or green fruit contains good nutrients and can help you lose weight. In asmall apple or about 85 grams, it contains only 50 calories with 12 grams of carbohydrates.

While the fiber in it is water soluble fiber which is effective in keeping you hungry for longer. This means youbetween meals by apples as a distraction from a healthy diet, to avoid consuming excessive amounts of food. Apples also have a low glycemic index, so they’re safe for those of you who have diabetestheir weight want to control.

3. Protein

Usually protein is consumed by bodybuilders as a healthydiet. Unlike egg yolks, egg whites are high in protein but low in fat, making them a perfect addition to your diet. Yes, 100 grams of protein contains 10.9 grams of protein. During this time there are only about 0.17 grams of fat. Because it’s low in fat, you don’t have to worry about this food contributing to your heart diseaselivestock in your body.

In addition, this healthy diet food has no glycemic index value because it contains no carbohydrates, so diabetics can safely eat protein. Even if it is low in fat, it should be consumed in sufficient quantity and as needed. Do not forget to vary the proteins with other healthy diet menus, so that you always meet your nutritional intake.

4. Broccoli

You can rely on broccoli as a healthy diet food. Broccoli is indeed low in calories, but rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Imagine a glassbroccoli pieces contains only 30 calories. When it comes to fiber content, broccoli contains up to 5 grams of fiber, which can keep you full throughout the day.

In addition, this type of vegetable can help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. The food ofso much possibly broccoli will therefore not raise your blood sugar.

5. Gifson

In addition to the different foods mentioned above, you can also eat fish as part of a healthy diet. The good fat content of fish can help with weight loss. Unlike meat, fish contains a type of omega-3 fat that is good for brain health. Usually this fat is found indeep-sea fishing such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.

In addition, a study in Sweden found that people who eat fish for thedinner 11% eat less than those who eat meat.

Consuming adequate and not excessive intake is also a way for diabetics to manage their disease. In order for the benefits of this fish to be optimal, it is necessary not to eat fish during frying. Instead of wanting to lose weight, the cooking process will actually add more fat to your body.

6. Low-calorie snacks

There is no need to stop snacking. It is actually not forbidden to eat snacks during a diet. Currently, many healthy snacks are sold in the market as healthy diet foods. However, make sure the snacks you eat are low in calories and low in sugar. Therefore, always check the label withnutrients on food packaging before buying healthy snacks. Pay close attention to the sugar, fat and calorie content of these snacks.

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