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7 ways to overcome dry facial skin, here is the review

“Dry facial skin that is not treated can cause dermatitis and infection. Some ways to treat dry skin are to use special care products for dry skin, eat healthy foods and apply natural ingredients like honey as masks.

Halodoc, Jakarta – Aside from the aesthetic appearance, dry facial skin can cause other conditions. Atopic dermatitis (eczema) and infections caused by dry cracked skin are complications that can occur as a result of dry skin.

That’s why conditions dry skin must be taken care of, so that it is not only smooth and radiant, but also healthy. If the skin condition is flaky, red, scaly and itchy, this is a sign that your skin type is classified as dry. Find out more about how to deal with dry facial skin problems here!

How to overcome dry facial skin

Dry facial skin can be caused by hormones, age, sunlight, free radicals and chemicals found in cosmetics. Try the following tips to deal with dry facial skin problems so that moisture is retained:

1. Use a special facial cleansing soap

The most basic face skin care you should do is to clean it at least twice a day. However, do not use bath soap to wash your face because the pH level in body wash is not suitable for facial skin. So make sure you clean your face with a facial cleanser specifically for dry skin.

2. Wash your face with cold water

It is best not to wash your face frequently with hot water because hot water can strip the skin of the face’s natural moisture, which can make your dry skin worse.

You are advised to use warm water when cleaning blackheads or facial acne. You also don’t have to take a long hot shower.

3. Wear moisturizer

Use a moisturizer after cleaning your face. Just like facial cleansing soap, you also need to choose a moisturizer specifically for dry and dull skin, because there are usually special formulas for dry skin conditions.

Try to find a moisturizer that is the lightest and doesn’t contain too many chemicals. Finding information before buying a product is also very important, to avoid unwanted effects on the face.

4. Meet Nutrition for the skin

Replenish the nutrients the skin needs by eating healthy foods that contain vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Reduce meat, then food junk food, as well as consuming spicy food too often.

5. The importance of using Night Cream

Skin regeneration or replacement of dead skin cells with new skin cells takes place at night. Therefore, those of you who have dry facial skin are highly recommended to use a night cream that can help the skin regeneration process. Don’t forget to always check the ingredients before choosing the right night cream.

6. Do treatment with natural ingredients

You can also try using natural ingredients, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and honey, to treat dry facial skin. Apply olive oil and jojoba oil to your face and gently massage in circular motions until the oil is absorbed into the skin, then wash it off.

Meanwhile for honey, you can apply it on dry facial skin, then leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off.

7. Don’t forget to drink water

People often underestimate the need for daily water, even though drinking water is one way to hydrate facial skin. Having smooth, healthy and radiant facial skin is what all women want.

However, jobs that require you to stay in the sun for a long time, free radicals, or the chemical content of the cosmetics you use can make your facial skin dry, flaky and even scaly.

Applying these seven things can be a way to deal with dry facial skin. If your dry skin is still bothering you after applying the tips, don’t hesitate ask the doctor for skin conditions through the Halodoc application. come onDownload the application at the moment by!

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