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7 Steps to Treat Acne on the Face That You Need to Know

Acne facial care is important to do regularly and correctly so that acne breakouts can be easily resolved. In addition, proper facial care can also prevent the formation of acne scars and prevent acne from reappearing.

Acne is common in teenagers going through puberty and anyone with an oily facial skin type. Not only on the face, acne can also appear in other places on the body such as: backside, chest or neck.

When your face has acne, it is important that you wash your face properly, as acne that is not treated or cleaned properly can cause breakouts. Acne permanently so that it can interfere with the appearance of the face.

Different steps to treat facial acne

For those of you with acne on your face, here are some treatment steps that can be done independently:

1. Wash your face twice a day

One of the most important ways to treat acne on the face is to do it wash one’s face Twice a day morning and night before going to bed. You also need to wash your face clean when your face is sweaty or too oily.

When washing your face, you should use clean water and mild soap to avoid irritating your face. You can also choose a facial soap that contains sulfur.

Avoid scrubbing your acne-affected face too hard as this can make acne flare up and worse.

2. Use moisturizer and toner

After washing your face, you can also moisturize your face by using toner toner and moisturizer. However, to be on the safe side, choose facial products that are alcohol-free and gentle on your face.

This is because products that contain irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, can trigger it. overate and make the skin more oily. This actually makes acne worse or more visible.

3. Avoid touching or squeezing acne

To prevent acne from getting worse, avoid touching your face, especially when your hands are dirty. You should also not pop pimples as this can increase the risk of infection and acne formation. callus or severe acne scars on the face.

4. Protect your face from the sun

Excessive sun exposure can increase oil production orsebum in the face. This makes facial skin prone to blackheads and new breakouts. Therefore, avoid sun exposure as much as possible when your face has acne.

If you want to move in the hot sun, use it sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect skin from the sun. Choose products that are labeled oil-free or suitable for oily facial skin.

5. Cleanlinessmake up in the face

Make sure you clean your face after using it make up. As much as possible, avoid the habit of sleeping withmake up still glued to the facebelong to.

When you want to usemake up, You should also choose cosmetic products with the labelno acne orno acne, because both products do not cause acne.

6. Use acne facial care products

In addition to some of the above methods, there are other equally important ways to treat acne on the face, which is the use of specialized facial care products. These products often contain benzoyl peroxide,retinoid, axit azelaic, axit salicylic hoặc axit glycolic.

Not only reducing inflammation for the face skin, the use of these products can also kill acne-causing bacteria, assist in repairing skin tissue after acne disappears.

However, before you buy, make sure you read the information printed on the product packaging label and always follow the instructions for use.

7. Consume healthy food

Habits of consuming dairy products and foods with glycemic index High levels, for example foods high in carbohydrates or foods that are too sweet, are known to increase the risk of developing acne and even make it worse.

Instead, live a healthy lifestyle by consuming a variety of food good for the skin that contains many nutrients, such as vitamin C and vitamin E.If the various acne treatments above do not work to clear new acne or even get worse and spread, you should consult your doctor. doctor for appropriate treatment and according to the acne condition you are experiencing.

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