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7 easy ways to maintain normal blood pressure

Hypertension is a common health problem among Indonesians. The problem is that there are still many people who underestimate their daily lifestyle, which makes them susceptible to developing this health problem. Therefore, normal blood pressure should be maintained in order to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases.

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How to maintain normal blood pressure

Health experts say there are several ways to make sure blood pressure stays within normal limits.

Here are some ways to maintain normal blood pressure that are surprisingly easy to do:

1. jogging at the weekend

Due to various activities, many people only have time to exercise on weekends. Still, health experts say it’s far better than no exercise at all. If only we could jog every weekend, our blood pressure could be kept normal.

This fact was revealed by a study conducted by Copenhagen City Heart, Denmark.improve oxygen uptake and maintain normal blood pressure.

2. Eat yogurt regularly

Yogurt is best known as a diet food. In fact, these foods can be eaten by anyone, including people who are healthy and have normal blood pressure.normal. According to a study from the University of Minnesota, USA, consuming as little as one cup of yogurt a day can lower blood pressure.

In fact, regular consumption of yogurt can reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure by up to 31%. It can certainly help the arrival of warm too much problems effective against hypertension for prevent

3. Eat bananas regularly

Besides yogurt, it is also strongly advised to eat bananas if we have high blood pressure.normal. Based on research published in the British Medical Journal Online, it has been found that the high potassium content of bananas can maintain body fluid balance while effectively lowering blood pressure.

4. stop smoking

One of the causes of high blood pressure and heart problems in Indonesia is that many people still smoke. This is due to the toxic content of cigarette smoke, which damages blood vessels and increases blood pressure.

Not only active smokers, but also those who are frequently exposed to cigarette smoke and passive Rocker, suffer from the same health problems. For this reason, We Should really avoid smoking to maintain our health.

5. Reduce the habit of working overtime

Due to high workload or because people want to earn more, many people often work overtime. In fact, if we work more than 40 hours a week,then risked the Exhibition of high blood pressure,can go up to 14 % !

This fact was revealed by a study from the University of California, USA. Researchers say the habit of working overtime makes us less mobile, eats less, and moves less. Stress hormones will also be more numerous in the body. This hormone can even significantly increase blood pressure.

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6. Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeinated coffee can be exceptionally enjoyable,the more Si Welet’s eat more, the fear of drinking more than 3 cups a day increases the risk of developing high blood pressure.

7. Watch your weight

By maintaining an ideal body weight, blood circulation becomes smoother and blood pressure eventually stays at a normal level.

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