6 ways to safely decorate a baba’s room, mamma should know

Many things need to be done to welcome the birth of a baby, one of which is to decorate a comfortable room for babies.

6 ways to safely decorate a baba's room, mamma should know

Waiting for the birth of a baby is the most exciting moment for parents. All preparations are made for the arrival of a new family member to welcome, such as preparing a nursery, shopping for baby needs and so on.

For matters of arranging and decorating the baby’s room, parents should prepare it in advance. From determining whether the baby gets its own room, or whether it is still in the same room as its parents. Not to mention if there are family and friends visiting to see the baby.

Parents-to-be must think about how to children camera to decorate, so that it is comfortable for the baby, for the parents, and also comfortable for visiting guests. Arranging a room for a newborn baby must also pay attention to the needs of the mother who must always be with the baby.

Decorating a newborn’s room is not just about paint colors NO,and furniture which is cute, but there are a lot of decorations that a lot important is, such as the selection and placement of special furniture for babies. Here are 6 ways to decorate a cozy nursery.

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1 Perform room inspection

The first thing parents should do to prepare a room for a newborn child is to perform a safety check. Prepare a room strategically located near the master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Room Preparation is very important, because the baby’s habits are still unpredictable. Such as waking up at night, eating more often and having bowel movements that cannot be regulated like adults.

It is this baby’s habit that parents should pay attention to when properly preparing, arranging and decorating their room. How to decorate a baby’s room, you can start by preparing the most strategic location of the room in the house, only then the parents can prepare the contents of the room.

2 Setting up a special room for visitors

Choosing a strategically located room will not only make it easier for parents to care for their baby, but also make it easier for visitors who want to see their baby.

Give a wider room in the first few months of the baby’s birth. A baby’s room can be styled by leaving an empty space in the middle, complete with a comfortable rug and small pillows for family and friends who want to visit the baby.

PrepareI towels and hand soap in the room for visitors. The goal is to maintain cleanliness in the nursery and keep babies away from foreign bacteria brought in by visitors.

3 Farm Cleaning equipment

In addition to towels and hand soap, or anti-germicidal gel, to decorate the baby’s room, parents should also cleaning equipment prepared in the room.

The Cleaning equipment can be in the form of setting up a special sink in the room, piles of rags and towels.

The placement of cleaning equipment in the baby’s room will be very useful in the first few months after the baby’s birth. Decorate the baby’s room to look like a room in a hospital, complete with a bathroom and easy reachable running water.

If parents struggle to make a sink in the room, they can be replaced by finding the location of the room closest to the bathroom.

4 Place a special small refrigerator or sterilizer

In addition cleaning equipment which must be available in the baby’s room, it is also recommended to have a small fridge in the baby’s room. This refrigerator is used to store breast milk, milk and baby milk bottles to place, so that they are more durable and sterile.

It doesn’t have to be a big fridge that fills the room, parents can buy a small fridge. In addition, parents can also choose the color of the refrigerator according to the theme of the baby’s room to be decorated.

Refrigerators can be replaced with sterile items placed in the nursery, so that easy accessible in time of crisis.

5 Special baby laundry basket

How to decorate the baby’s room nextis decorated prepare a special basket for baby laundry. Better yet, put two laundry baskets, onespecific for wetting, and one for ordinary dry clothes.

By placing this special basket, it will make it easier for mothers to bathe their babies. You don’t have to run to the laundry room or put baby’s dirty clothes out of the blue.

With this special laundry basket, the baby’s room becomestidy and more organized. To beautify the look of the nursery, parents can choose baskets that match the theme of the nursery.

6 Setting up a small closet for baby clothes

In addition to a laundry basket, how to decorate a baby’s room to make it neater and more aesthetic, parents can put a small box to put their baby’s clothes. To make it more beautiful and comfortable, choose a small wardrobe that is simple and does not take up too much space.

The size of the wardrobe that is too big will make it difficult for mothers to dress their babies. Choose a wardrobe that is the size of an adult’s waist with not too many doorways.

In addition to a small closet, also prepare bath products and baby wash tools near the closet position and not too farof size Mother. This is to make it easier for motherswhen beautiful dress up baby in the room.

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