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5 ways to take care of your skin in hot weather

Of course, skin that looks healthy and fresh is a reflection of the health of your body. Therefore, you need to know how to properly care for your skin depending on your skin type and the weather you are facing.

The skin is the outermost organ whose function is to protect the body. The skin prevents the body from drying out, infection and keeps the body temperature stable. Especially now that the dry season is entering, the way to care for your skin in warm weather will of course be different. Before you know it, you need to know how to treat skin by type.

How to take care of the skin according to its type

1. Dry skin

Dry skin types are not elastic compared to other skin types. Dry skin usually looks dull, itches quickly, is easily irritated, wrinkled, rough and the lines in the face are more visible. So exposure to sunlight, changes in weather, use of cosmetics and hot water can aggravate dry skin.

How to treat dry skin:

  • Use mild soap and detergents.
  • Avoid scraping or rubbing while showering.
  • Take a short shower.
  • Use moisturizer after bathing and whenever skin feels dry.
  • Make sure that the temperature in the room is not too high
  • Wear gloves when using cleaning agents or detergents.

2. Oily skin

The condition of the skin type changes depending on different conditions. For example stress, hormonal balance, humidity, and also puberty. There are several suggestions to treat oily skin as follows:

  • Pay attention to the care products used. Avoid pore-clogging skin care products, commonly referred to as “non-comedogenic.”
  • Choose a cleanser whose contents are gentle and avoid scrubbing while bathing.
  • Don’t pop pimples when they appear, as this will make it hard for them to go away.
  • If your face is sweaty, wash your face afterwards, but no more than twice a day.

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3. Normal skin

Normal skin types will have few problems if it is not too oily and not too dry. Pores on normal skin types are almost invisible and certainly not overly sensitive. Therefore, how to take care of this normal skin by applying this moisturizer all day long. Actually, taking care of this type of skin is easier because you only need to choose a water-based moisturizer that is non-sticky and feels light.

4. Sensitive skin

This sensitive skin type is characterized by symptoms such as dryness, redness, itching and a burning sensation. It is important for you to recognize what triggers it. There are several ways to care for sensitive skin, such as:

  • Use cleaners that contain gentle ingredients and do not contain alcohol, acids, soaps and fragrances. It is advisable to use products containing chamomile, green tea and aloe vera to be safer.
  • Before use, check that the product is hypoallergenic and contains natural ingredients.

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How to take care of your skin in hot weather

A number of skin problems will usually occur with the onset of the dry season or warm weather. Such as dry skin, dull face, sunburned skin and other problems. Follow these steps to care for your skin in hot weather:

1. Use sunscreen

The most important thing before leaving home for activities is to use sunscreen or sunscreen on your facial skin and body skin every day. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. The use of sunscreen is important and has a vital function for the skin as it plays a very big role in preventing skin cancer and it can keep the skin youthful. Do not forget it!

2. Wash your face

Wash your face after waking up, after sweating and before going to bed. This is important to remember because washing your face when you wake up will remove the dirt that sticks to your face while you sleep. Meanwhile, if your face sweats, it can cause breakouts in some people.

It is also important to wash your face before going to sleep so that all the dirt, dust and make-up residue that sticks to your face can be completely removed. When washing your face, pay attention to the cleanser you use. Choose a mild facial cleanser and rinse thoroughly.

3. Apply moisturizer to the skin

In hot weather, your skin naturally becomes drier and more easily irritated. Do not forget to use moisturizing cream on the face and also apply it all over the body, both after bathing and when the skin feels dry. So that skin moisture can be retained longer.

Important to take moisturizer with you everywhere you go so that you can easily apply it when the skin starts to feel the need for it. And if you do activities in an air-conditioned room, rub it with moisturizer regularly because the cold temperature makes the skin dry.

4. Meet the needs of liquids

Another way to take care of your skin during hot weather and no less important is to meet your moisture needs. Because hot weather can dehydrate the body and make the skin dry. Drink plenty of water after doing outdoor activities or under the hot sun.

5. Avoid bathing with too hot water

Did you know that bathing with water that is too hot can make the skin very dry and prone to irritation. Because hot water can scrape off the oil on the skin faster. Therefore, only bathe with water at room temperature. Do not soak for a long time because this also causes dry skin. Just soak for about 5-10 minutes.

How to take care of your skin in hot weather or any conditions, you should pay attention to your skin type. Choose the right and suitable product. For people with allergies or a history of eczema, the air in the dry season, which is often dry, can exacerbate symptoms. Follow the tips above and adjust your skin type so that your skin stays awake during the dry season.

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