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5 Ways to Fatten Men’s Body with Healthy Way

Not only is it an important topic for women, men also often look for ways to fatten a man’s body in a healthy and natural way to improve health and appearance. The natural way was chosen because it is healthier and safer to do.

Indeed, having an ideal body is indeed the dream of many people. And men generally want a body that looks full to maximize appearance. So it’s okay if you are looking for ways to increase weight naturally.

For those of you men who want to gain weight to look fuller, here are various ways to fatten a man’s body that you can do, which are summarized from various sources.

1. Don’t skip breakfast

The best way to gain weight naturally is to eat breakfast regularly. Do not skip breakfast because breakfast is the body’s main source of energy for daily activities.

In addition, eating a healthy breakfast high in protein is also good for increasing the body’s metabolic processes that keep the digestive system healthy and absorption of nutrients optimally.

2. Eat healthy foods with enough calories

To increase your weight to the ideal number, you must eat healthy foods with adjusted calories. Generally, adult men need 2500 calories per day.

But if you want to gain weight, you can eat healthy and nutritious foods with around 3000-5000 calories a day. But so that the calories of this food don’t turn into fat which will make you gain weight but it’s not healthy and proportional, don’t forget to exercise!

The trick, you can eat 5-6 times a day with details of 3 large meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 snacks. Give a gap of 2-3 hours between meals so that the body can process food optimally.

3. Consumption of foods high in protein and fat

Protein is important in the process of gaining weight in a healthy manner. Eat more protein than usual, but make sure you only consume protein from healthy foods, not supplements. There are many high-protein foods that can be included in your daily diet, such as eggs, chicken breast, seafood, milk and so on.

For high-fat foods, the source of fat in question is not bad fats such as fried foods, but sources of good fats that are beneficial to the body. Such as avocado, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, red meat, coconut oil and olive oil. This is because fat is needed for the production of the hormone testosterone, which can also affect muscle mass.

4. Drink water at the right time

Drinking large amounts of water is obligatory to keep the body properly hydrated so that it can function normally. But you also have to know when to drink the recommended water for a successful fattening program.

You are advised to drink water when you wake up, then while eating or about 30 minutes after eating to help absorb nutrients more optimally.

5. Get enough rest

Often underestimated, but getting enough sleep about 8 hours per day is also important in gaining healthy weight.

The frequency of staying up late or sleeping late has many negative impacts on body health. This includes slowing down the body’s metabolic system, lowering the immune system and also various other diseases.

Well, those are some ways to fatten a man’s body naturally, which are summarized from various sources.

If you want to get a special program to gain weight healthily by an expert, don’t hesitate to consult your condition with a nutritionist. You can make an appointment at the hospital using Okadoc or schedule a virtual consultation and chat with doctors from home.

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