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5 The importance of maintaining work life-balance for mental health

“Work-life balance is a very important aspect for workers. By maintaining a balance between work and life, you can avoid mental health problems.”

Work life balance is indeed one of the topics that will not run out of discussion in the world of work. Work life balance itself is a condition that describes a person’s ability to manage responsibilities related to office work and those outside of office work. to complete in a balanced manner.

This ability is very necessary to maintain a healthy state, both physically and mentally. Of course, the difficulty of maintaining a balance between the two responsibilities can lead to several negative consequences.

Well, it never hurts to listen to the reasons for the importance of work life balance for mental health the next time!

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Reasons for the importance of maintaining work life balance in life

Work is an important thing that needs to be done. Besides helping the economy, work also makes you more productive so you can have a better quality of life.

However, you must also ensure that the activities between work and life outside work must be balanced. Well, this thing is famous as work life balance

This is a very important aspect in the world of work.Wait Work life balance in life will make you avoid various health problems, both physical and mental health.

Here are some reasons why it is important to maintain work life balance in life, namely:

  • Reduction of stress

Own Work life balance The good things in life can help you reduce your risk of stress. It is better to make a schedule of work that you will do every day. You can the priorities work determine what you should do first.

Do not hesitate to consult with colleagues if you feel that the work you are doing is too much or too much. There is nothing wrong with sharing work with teammates to create not work life balance you are optimal.

  • Improvement of the qualities of relationships with the environment and family members

To work optimally does not mean that you work long enough that you do not have time for family, family and the environment. It is best to make sure you can divide your time well so that the quality of your relationship and your family will improve.

  • Prevent burnout

Too much work and not having priorities can you experience burnout. This is a condition that occurs when you experience severe enough stress due to work.

In addition to stress,burn out conditions can make you dislike the work you do, so it can reduce the quality of work. Not only that, you will also be more irritable and angry.

  • Increase creativity

If you work life balance which is good, it will actually improve the quality of work. In fact, you will be more creative while working.

  • Maintaining Optimal Physical Health

Not only to maintain mental health in good condition, work life balance that can be done well can help you maintain physical health. By working all day, you will experience reduced opportunities to move around, sit more and be less exposed to sunlight.

However, if you work life balance The good thing is that you still have the opportunity to exercise, do physical activity and meet close family members. In addition to maintaining physical health, it can also make you happier.

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