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5 Signs Characteristics of Expired Mascara

Sometimes as a woman, I love to pile up makeup. There is something funny or a discount, hurry to buy it without checking whether the makeup you have is still there or has run out. Until we realized that some of the makeup had piled up and had expired.

One of the makeups that often goes unnoticed is mascara. Generally, mascara only lasts two to three months since it was first opened. Pretty short, right? So make sure you pay attention to it.

Changed Texture

The first sign that mascara is out of date is that the texture has changed. Expired mascara is usually clumpy in texture. So, if your mascara has changed texture, you should throw it away immediately.

Mascara is Dry

The thing you need to know, usually mascara, the longer the texture, the drier it will be. So when the mascara turns dry, you should throw it away immediately, because it is no longer suitable for use.

Bad Smell Appears

The third sign is that when applied mascara emits an unpleasant smell. No need to delay anymore, you should throw away your mascara immediately.

Sticky when Use

Mascara when used is usually a liquid texture and easy to apply. But if it’s sticky, it’s a sign that the mascara has expired. So throw away your mascara immediately.

Irritation Appears When You Force Use It

Finally, a sign that your mascara has expired is that it feels uncomfortable when you use it. Grows irritation on your skin when used. Danger, right?

YFT friends, so that you avoid expired mascara, always keep the mascara packaging. Or you can write it down. So, when you forget the expiration date of your mascara, just check the packaging.

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