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Welcome, we are a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing service!

We are a cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) service. This comprehensive test is useful in measuring sports/fitness levels, diagnosing certain medical conditions, and assisting with evaluating disability impairments. This is accomplished by measuring cardiac, pulmonary, and circulatory and muscle strength parameters during exercise.

Everyone knows that exercise should be an integral part of your daily life.  Yet few people are really aware of their exercise capabilities and what limits their performance.  Our testing service can identify your fitness level so that you can improve your performance while exercising.   

Below are a few questions that we are frequently asked by individuals who are interested in our test: 

What happens to your body during exercise?
A person’s bodily systems are heightened in order to produce more energy sources and deliver it to the muscles that are used in an accelerated fashion.  The higher your level of fitness, the more efficient these systems interact.

What is the fit zone?
Every individual has an area as defined by heart rate (or work levels in watts) that is the ideal zone to exercise.  That is, where all bodily systems are working in the most efficient way.  We call this “your fit zone.” 
It is assumed by most health professionals that the maximum predicted heart rate is uniform for individuals of the same age and gender.  This leads to a second assumption that we all have the same conditioning zone and fat burning zone.  The truth however is very different.  Individuals (even those of the same age and gender) have different fitness levels and limitations dictated by certain health conditions.  In other words, everyone has a different fit zone.

What are some of the limitations?
Any of the following bodily systems if not functioning properly can result in exercise limitations: 

  • Respiratory – The ability of the lungs to move air in and out and deliver oxygen from the environment and into the blood.
  • Pulmonary Circulatory – The lungs are supplied with blood vessels that are supposed to take the oxygen from the lungs and deliver it to the heart.
  • Cardiac – The heart pumps the oxygenated blood to the tissues.
  • Peripheral Vascular – The oxygenated blood must be delivered to the exercising muscles by these arteries and capillaries.
  • Muscular – It is in the muscles used in exercise that oxygen utilizes to burn glucose in order to produce Adenosine tri Phosphate (ATP) – the fuel for energy.

How can you find your fit zone?
With our cardiopulmonary exercise test, objective data is obtained during exercise and at maximal level when exhaustion stops exercise.  The data is then analyzed and all the exercise limitations are defined for each individual.

Why is this important?
There are three reasons why this is important information to have:

  1. If you know your most vital statistics that are shown at the peak of exercise, you can target a zone to hit during your exercise session.  This will allow you to achieve the most for your efforts.
  2. You can learn your physical weaknesses and limitations.
  3. You can find your own anaerobic threshold, the point at which energy is no longer produced with the use of oxygen.  You can then target this zone to improve your fitness.

FACT: With more training and fitness, the higher your anaerobic threshold increases.

BOTTOM LINE: In order to improve performance, you must exercise within you own safe zone. The CPET allows you to find “your fit zone.”


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